Having Problems? Want things to be better?

Sometimes life gets to be too much; we struggle to cope, feel anxious, depressed, confidence goes, relationships suffer, self esteem dips.

This is to be expected in times of difficulty; when there are many demands made on us; when we have experienced loss, trauma, or feel lacking in purpose.

If you're feeling this way, I can help you to

  • Come to terms with your current circumstances
  • Recognise your coping abilities
  • Start the process of thinking about the life that you want
  • Begin to notice times when things are better

What to Expect

  • A warm, accepting environment
  • Space to explore things for yourself
  • To be listened to and taken seriously
  • To talk about what is important to you and
  • At the pace that is right for you


  • Most people start to feel better after the first session
  • By session 3, most have stabilised and are well on the way to a better life
  • By sessions 4 & 5, most are ready to end counselling and move on

Everything will be built around you and your needs

Solution Focused conversations can help you to

  • Have a better life
  • Cope with and recover from loss
  • Handle stress and anxiety
  • Beat depression
  • Cope with separation and divorce
  • Improve relationships of all kinds
  • Boost self esteem and confidence
  • Overcome nerves (e.g. exam, interview, driving test)
  • Enhance performance in any area
  • Be happier, more contented, accepting and compassionate
  • Develop your potential
  • Beat addictions
  • Lose weight, be healthier, get fitter
  • Build hope and belief
  • Have more energy


I am available at most times by arrangement. I am currently offering appointments on line and by telephone.

Contact me on 07868 273530 or bryan@solutionfocussheffield.co.uk 

To download a leaflet with more information click here.

Solution focused brief therapy is a refreshingly straightforward, highly flexible and cooperative approach to counselling. It helps you to take control of your life by establishing how you want things to be and then working towards this end; a process which generates momentum and leaves problems behind.