Keeping it Simple

One of the most challenging features of SF is its simplicity. I hear people new to the approach saying that there are many more tools to learn in SF. I disagree.

In my opinion, you have all the tools you need on day one of an introductory course. Your task is to learn how to use them.

It is this simplicity that confounds. The expectation of learning is that you become more complex in your knowledge and application. In SF, the simpler you become, the more effective your practice will be.

There is a letting go of what we know, and the less we know the more useful our interventions become. In the process, we develop humility and curiosity. The less we do, the more effective we are likely to be. Not knowing is a stance which is desirable. It is the client who is the expert in their own experience.

Solution focused brief therapy is a refreshingly straightforward, highly flexible and cooperative approach to counselling. It helps you to take control of your life by establishing how you want things to be and then working towards this end; a process which generates momentum and leaves problems behind.