Latest Feedback

"I travelled from Liverpool to attend an introductory course on Solution Focused approaches at Solution Focus Sheffield.The seamless delivery of this largely practical course ensured that the six hours of training was used to maximum effect.Gentle direction and guidance throughout by Bryan Thornton created a perfect learning environment and set the tone for pleasant and productive working relationships within the group of eleven learners.I came away from the course with skills I can use immediately in both a personal and professional context.It was probably the most effective one-day course I have had in a thirty-year teaching career."

Gerrie Walsh, Teacher

“From Problem Solving to Solution Building” training was so well received that team members who participated lobbied for another course to be arranged, as they wanted the rest of the team to attend immediately. The content and delivery throughout was thought provoking, interesting and fun. Introducing the solution focused approach has challenged existing beliefs, raised confidence and encouraged a much more positive outlook in all our work with vulnerable young people. As one of the team reported “a brilliant course that will change the way I work forever”.

Paul Boyden Youth Start Manager, RMBC Youth Support Service.

"What I like about the way Bryan delivers is his humility and wonder. He exemplifies his message ''let them be the expert'' as he draws existing knowledge from his students and helps us build up solution-focussed skills from a place of being pleasantly surprised with ourselves: "Well look at that, I''m half-way there already!" I loved being reminded that being curious is a skill and, through practical exercises, going back to the rudiments of that skill and chasing out lurking assumptions along the way. The difference his courses have made to me? I feel like a sculptress who got out from behind her desk and got her hands back in the clay."

Kay Day, Professional Practice Consultant, Surrey Family Mediation Service

(Delegate on two SF skills for Family Mediators courses)

  • Quite a life changing training day – I came away feeling challenged to think differently, yet feeling that with practice I could really make this work.
  • It was like having a big breath of fresh air to see the world in a more positive way.
  • I feel that I have started on a road to learn a very big and new life skill in how I see the world and view people and also how these skills can be used in all sorts of situations!
  • It was brilliant and I really enjoyed the day – Thanks again.
  • Excellent and enjoyable, really inspired me; really thought provoking; challenging subject matter and exercises. Very well facilitated; the relaxed atmosphere meant I felt comfortable in trying the techniques.
  • Great information; well managed discussions; good practice opportunities.
  • One of the biggest things that made it interesting was the enthusiasm and belief of the trainer. He knows his stuff; a great leader of discussions and a natural teacher.
  • Of all the exposure that I have had with Solution Focused Therapy your training has been the most complete and positive presentation of it. I would highly recommend your training to anyone interested in this therapy and I have certainly greatly benefited from the 2 ½ days spent with you.

Solution focused brief therapy is a refreshingly straightforward, highly flexible and cooperative approach to counselling. It helps you to take control of your life by establishing how you want things to be and then working towards this end; a process which generates momentum and leaves problems behind.