Solution Focused Supervision

 If you are utilising SF interventions in your practice, it is important that you have support in their use.

SF Supervision is an excellent way to develop, fine tune and maintain your SF practice in a safe, supported, reflective and ethical environment.

There are many subtle nuances to this approach. It has a hugely different culture and there is so much to learn.

You are learning a new language and way of being, so it takes time and constant practice to develop fluency.

You will have the opportunity to practice and develop your skills with someone who is fluent in the language.

Having this type of consultation enables you to develop in a supported and reflective manner.

Bryan has been a supervisor in the SF approach for over a decade and has a wide range of experience. As well as being a self employed private practitioner since 2008, he has also worked as a Children and Families Social Worker in the statutory sector, Alcohol Counsellor in the third sector and Family Mediator in the legal sector. He also studied SF at Masters level and has an MA in Solution Focused Brief Therapy (2008).

His own supervision journey has taken many turns, reflecting his own professional development.

Initially, as a person-centred counsellor, he received person centred supervision. This was later followed by CBT/ Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused, Client Directed Outcome Informed Practice, Trauma and finally back to Solution Focused. He has had a range of different SF supervisors too, as all have offered different experiences, strengths, and characteristics, leading to a well-rounded and carefully constructed SF skill set.

Every choice of supervisor was made with the intention of developing and fine-tuning new skills.

It is this that is reflected in his SF supervision.

It is his view that it is not necessary to stay with the same supervisor for years and years.

It is possible, and desirable, to move around as you develop new skills.

Accordingly, it is expected that you will move on as and when you feel that it would be helpful for your own development, although you are welcome to stay for as long as you wish.

What to Expect

A supervision experience which

  • Adheres to the BACP ethical framework
  • Incorporates safeguarding practice
  • Utilises and models the SF approach
  • Cooperates with your unique requirements
  • Values and builds on your existing skills
  • Improves your practice by visualising and describing preferred futures
  • Fully supports you in developing the SF language
  • Helps you to listen, not think
  • Encourages you to accept that you cannot ‘know’
  • Places the client as the consultant and expert in their own life
  • Expects you to learn from your clients
  • Looks for the good reasons for people’s actions
  • Describes the presence of what is wanted, rather than the absence of what is not
  • Notices signs of progress
  • Encourages you to notice what works
  • Analyses your successes
  • Develops a curiosity-based approach
  • Seeks stories of difference, preference, and possibility

All sessions are currently held on-line via your preferred medium.


Derwent Rural Counselling Service: Group Supervision

Bryan has helped build my solution focused skills by using practical interventions within our supervision group. I find him very attuned to the needs of myself within the group and focused on what my best hopes are. Bryan models good practice by staying in the SF framework during supervision.

A master of Solution Focused Therapy. Bryan is highly motivated and delivers challenging and thought provoking supervision.

Something I particularly enjoy and appreciate is the way you "playfully" model/nudge/ steer and encourage us to use a SF approach throughout your discussions with us‎. An example of how any and perhaps all conversations can utilise such an approach.

Focussed, enthusiastic and encouraging.

This is a therapist who is very much at ease with the SF model, he has proved to himself and others that it works.  Therefore supervision is creative and lively. 

Bryan models SF practice constantly in supervision and gently steers us back on track when we move away from the model. He personifies SF and constantly demonstrates both the simplicity and efficacy of the model.


Margaret Spencer 1:1

Having solution focused supervision with Bryan has been nothing short of excellent.

It has worked on many levels, including experiential. I have been challenged, asked to look for my progress and explored how it has made a difference.

During the process of supervision I have moved from initially bringing problems to noting progress.

Brian's passion and enthusiasm for this approach has been evident throughout.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, learnt so much theory and practice and have been able to tangibly see my progress

Margaret Spencer MA

Consultant Occupational Therapist and Senior Lecturer

Chair of RCOT Trent Regional Group

Pam Robinson 1:1

I am privileged to have had Bryan as my clinical supervisor for over 9 years.

I will never forget my SF ‘light bulb’ moment which came after a few moments on one of Bryan’s introductory courses many years ago when I realised it made perfect sense to focus on the solution rather than the problem. Of course! How could focussing on the problem possibly help? And I haven’t looked back since…

Each supervision session with Bryan is a wondrous journey of discovery and I sometimes attend not knowing quite where that journey is going to lead. Bryan’s expertise, wealth of knowledge, professionalism and his seemingly effortless skills of ‘being curious’ always guide me to ensure that I get the very best out of each session.

Supervision is hard work, but thoroughly enjoyable and the learning is immense; as are the rewards when I am able to put that learning into practice to the enormous benefit of my clients.

Pam Robinson Alcohol Counsellor Sheffield Alcohol Support Service

Paul Boyden 1:1

In addition to his substantial knowledge and experience of the solution focused approach Bryan brings; professional curiosity, enthusiasm, and creative solution focused thinking to supervision in a way which challenges, encourages and supports my continuing development of solution focused practice.

Paul Boyden Rotherham Youth Counselling Service

Sarah Jack 1:1

What’s been different?

  • Bryan's background in social work and counselling. He understands some of the structural / professional dilemmas without me having to explain them, and this contributes to me feeling safe in my practice.
  • One of the reasons I feel safe having supervision with him is that I believe he has the relevant experience and knowledge about life in the real world to help me navigate any challenging safeguarding/ confidentiality/ safety type issues that might arise
  • Bryan is better qualified and more experienced than me. I have noticed that many counsellors / therapists call themselves solution focused, and actually have quite a limited knowledge of the model, which is frustrating when looking for a supervisor. It's great having a supervisor I can learn from.
  • Bryan has a sense of humour and doesn't take himself too seriously. Quite rare in the counselling community!

What's been useful?

  • Bryan's flexibility and willingness to supervise me via Skype. I couldn't find a solution focused supervisor in my area.
  • Occasionally Bryan suggests some reading, which I very much appreciate.
  • I know that I can rely on Bryan to remain true to SF principles and encourage me to do the same. Sometimes however, I want to explore those occasions when I find myself being less Solution Focused. Bryan is very skilled at enabling me to think for myself without allowing his views to dominate or lead me in a particular direction. This is helping me to feel increasingly comfortable with my own style, without becoming lazy.
  • More emphasis on description, less on 'solutions'.
  • Pace. Bryan often refers to my inclination to rush ahead, working too hard, asking too many questions. His interventions are slow, deliberate and fairly infrequent. I find I work much harder as a result. He is modelling something I aspire to.
  • Asking the client for help when I get stuck. Believing that they will know what is helpful to them, and what is not.
  • I'm immensely grateful for the calm support that Bryan offered me when I needed to discuss a distressing personal issue. I felt heard and understood, not rescued, and was able to make very much better sense of my situation. 

Sarah Jack Counsellor in private practice, Brighton

Naomi Saxton: 1:1

As a relatively new SF practitioner, I have benefited enormously from Bryan’s supervision.  He enables me, through our conversations, and my reflections to experience unexpected insights, and helps me to find inner confidence to trust that what I provide for my clients is helpful, unique, and valuable.

He provides a safe, non-judgemental space where it is ok to explore and be open. The experience is always authentic and manages to flow where it needs to flow regardless of any agenda and hopes.

I have noticed that I take these sometimes subtle insights forward into different aspects of my life as well as my work practices; developing a much deeper awareness of myself through adopting that ‘noticing’ mind set.

Super interesting and always inspiring.

Naomi Saxton

Lead Wellbeing Practitioner

Sexual Violence Harassment and Hate Crime

Student Wellbeing

Sheffield Hallam University



Individual Supervision: £50/ hour 

Group Supervision: £75/ hour

For more information, feel free to get in touch

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Solution focused brief therapy is a refreshingly straightforward, highly flexible and cooperative approach to counselling. It helps you to take control of your life by establishing how you want things to be and then working towards this end; a process which generates momentum and leaves problems behind.