Counselling Feedback

I felt challenged. You woke me up and engaged my brain. I really enjoyed it! (48 year old man with long standing depression at end of 1st session)

My memories of SFBT were incredibly positive and enjoyable. Bryan is a very approachable and friendly counsellor. I left each session feeling overwhelmingly positive. It is a nice change that a counsellor can encourage you to look for positives in your troubling situations that you may not have known were present. It is a great style of therapy that helps get you out of the "tunnel vision" that anxiety can cause. (26 year old woman with anxiety)

I felt very relaxed. I was listened to and could say how I really felt. Importantly, I was given the space to make up my own mind. After every session, I felt very positive. (42 year old man with alcohol problems)

The therapist was excellent because he opened my eyes to what I had achieved and how far I had come. He concentrated on potential rather than guilt or blame, which I found motivating and self affirming.

I was respected, listened to and my thoughts were channelled to positive areas; I was given different perspectives and allowed to talk problems through. I was welcomed, not judged.

The therapist was exactly what I needed at that point. I felt he understood me very well. He let me lead the conversation but had a remarkable knack of making comments which helped me reach a point of realisation on my own, which is exactly the way I respond best.

Training Feedback

Quite a life changing training day – I came away feeling challenged to think differently, yet feeling that with practice I could really make this work.

It was like having a big breath of fresh air to see the world in a more positive way.

I feel that I have started on a road to learn a very big and new life skill in how I see the world and view people and also how these skills can be used in all sorts of situations!

It was brilliant and I really enjoyed the day – Thanks again.

Excellent and enjoyable, really inspired me; really thought provoking; challenging subject matter and exercises. Very well facilitated; the relaxed atmosphere meant I felt comfortable in trying the techniques.

Great information; well managed discussions; good practice opportunities.

One of the biggest things that made it interesting was the enthusiasm and belief of the trainer. He knows his stuff; a great leader of discussions and a natural teacher.

Of all the exposure that I have had with Solution Focused Therapy your training has been the most complete and positive presentation of it. I would highly recommend your training to anyone interested in this therapy and I have certainly greatly benefited from the 2 ½ days spent with you.


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